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Bats At The Beach by Brian Lies


Quick, call out! Tell all you can reach: the night is just perfect for bats at the beach! 

So pack your buckets, banjos, and blankets—don’t forget the moon-tan lotion—and wing with this bunch of fuzzy bats to where foamy sea and soft sand meet. 

Brian Lies’s enchanting art and cheery beach side verse will inspire bedtime imaginations again and again. Come visit a bedazzling world of moonlight, firelight, and . . . bats!

This book definitely  looks at the beach and bats in new light where the beach is adored by bats in a fun manner. The animation is lifelike and funny according to my 6 year old son. We would recommend this book to everyone!


Noni the Pony by Alison Lester





Meet Noni, a pony who’s as zippy and fun as she is thoughtful and kind.

Introducing Noni, the friendliest, funniest, and friskiest pony you’ll ever meet! When she’s not racing and chasing with her best pals Dave Dog and Coco the Cat, she’s busy making sure they feel cozy and loved. Because Noni isn’t just heaps of fun—she’s a great friend, too.
With its jaunty rhyme and bright, bold illustrations, this delightful picture book is sure to capture the imaginations and hearts of readers of all ages.

My Dog Jack Is Fat by Eve Bunting


With dialogue, thought bubbles, and colored-pencil drawings, Eve Bunting and Michael Rex have created an amusing story about staying healthy. When Carson takes his dog, Jack, to the vet for his annual check-up, he discovers that Jack is overweight. The vet gives Carson a list of things to do to help his dog lose weight. But as Jack diets, exercises, and sheds pounds, Carson snacks and gains weight. By the end of the book, Jack is thin and Carson is fat!

Well what can my son say about the book. He was a little confused about the book in the start but then he got it in the end.  He thought it was different.

Scholastic Reader Level 1: I Spy a Dinosaur’s Eye


All-new, easy-to-read riddles by Jean Marzollo are paired with fun photographs culled from previously published I Spy books to create an I Spy easy reader. With rhythm, rhyme, and picture clues, this book is written to support the newest reader.


This is a fun book to play I Spy with the kids. The pictures are clear and colorful. You can say “I Spy” and pick out something that is not shown as an I Spy item and it is still fun. My son loves all the “I SPY” books.


This story is for the kids who toss the bat to choose captains and pick teams, playing in a neighborhood field or an empty lot. You’ll find no coaches, no concession stands, and sometimes just an old bat and ball. But once the first pitch is thrown, you’ll find the real heart and soul of America. 

My son thought that the illustrations were incredible and looked lifelike. His favorite part was when the stranger donated baseball gear to the kids. It is truly a great story and my son would definitely read it again.


Franklin and Harriet


Franklin and Harriet

In this Franklin Classic Storybook, Franklin likes being a big brother ? most of the time. But when his little sister, Harriet, wants to play with his favorite stuffed animal, Franklin doesn’t want to share.

My Son’s thoughts on the book……..
His favorite part of the book was that they were able to to fix Sam’s (his stuffed dog) tail, and that being a big brother isn’t so bad after all.